Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Large Type Collection

Large Type book, also known as Large Print book, is a type of book in which the fonts (sizes of print) are printed slightly larger than commonly accepted sizes. Computer users nowadays understand that word processing software such as Microsoft Word uses 12 point font as the standard document size; however, anyone can easily change the font number to 14 or 16 for easier reading. Large Type books in the library are approximately 16 point font in size or larger.

Cypress Park Branch Library has a Large Type Collection in both Fiction and Non-Fiction for community's information needs. Newly arrivals of Large Type books are shelved at New Books section near Reference Desk for the first 6 months. After 6 months displayed time period, the books are relocated to their permanent shelves. 

Among the latest additions are:
Waiting to Be Heard by Amanda Knox whose overturned conviction of murder case in 2007 was on international headlines.

Never Go Back, a mystery by bestselling author Lee Child, is also available. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Arrivals in Spanish Collection

New Spanish Books at Cypress Park Branch

Cypress Park has over 80% percent of Hispanic population in the community. To meet the information needs of residents, Cypress Park Branch Library constantly acquires materials in Spanish language in educational and entertaining subjects. To highlight the new arrivals in Spanish non-fiction collection, here are two samples from the New Spanish books shelf. Please visit the library and explore more.

1. Taller de caligrafia by Christopher Calderhead. (2013)

Taller de caligrafia is the Spanish version of Calligraphy Studio: The Ultimate Introduction to the Art of Hand Lettering by the same author. 

We all know that  fancy computer typeface can never replace the subtle artistry and personalized expressiveness of calligraphic handwriting. Christopher Calderhead, an acknowledged master of this classic art, demonstrates to readers how to achieve the essential coordination of hand and eye, and how to apply the aesthetic principles that shape both the individual characters and the completed page.

2. Conquistar Youtube by Jay Miles (2012)

Conquistar Youtube is translated from Conquering You Tube: 101 Pro Video Tips to Take You to the Top by Jay Miles. Jay Miles has worked in TV, video, film and commercial production for nearly 20 years. He has completed productions for businesses and blogs. He has taught media at the college and high school levels for the past several years. This book combines the professional and practical tips that he has used on major shoots and the approaches that he has used to help numerous beginners reach for the stars with their own successful projects.