Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rhyme and Reason (Sept 18th)


Hello readers,
 This is my second review and I am glad to be sharing my opinion on this album of a great and unique Chicano band. I’d like to start off with sharing with you all my personal experience at a Las Cafeter@s show that I recently was privileged to attend. The moment the band arrived on stage, a vivacious and welcoming vibe was carried throughout the audience. Their voices and instruments truly make you feel at home. Las Cafeter@s have a unique sound. They mix up genres in their music and incorporate dance as well. Yes, dance! While the band is still playing, a few of the band mates will get up in front of the audience and perform a traditional Mexican genre of dance called folklorico. I danced folklorico for many years so I had a hard time staying still in my seat. Moreover, the band members use their dance steps as percussion to add more rhythm to the songs.

                   Each song has a meaningful message that many can relate to. They interpret ethnic history, culture, and tradition into their lyrics and instrumentals. Furthermore, they have a modern sound as well.  Las Cafeter@s is a band that can reach out to people and make them feel at home with their music. They’re able to bring out and highlight Chicano culture by infusing traditional music and dance into one. I highly recommend you check out their album. 

Choosing a favorite song on this album is tough. If I could narrow it down to one it’d be "La Bamba Rebelde".  There are many, many, versions of this song but probably not one as fun and fresh since Ritchie Valens released his version in 1958.
Check out the video of "La Bamba Rebelde" and you’ll agree.

Thanks to a generous donation by David Cid of, you can come by the branch today and check out Las Cafeter@s' new CD. "It's time".

Brianna Marie is a an over achieving Sophmore at a local High School. Her many interests include painting and writing but making music tops the list. You can find her singing with her band, hanging out with her friends or volunteering at the library.

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