Thursday, August 28, 2014

Library Hoopla

Library has had Hoopla for years. This month, however, I have a few patrons asking about what the nature of this e-resource and how to use it, mainly on watching movies.

To better understand the resource and the devices that can access the content, I have learned some tricks and would like to share them with anyone who is interested in using Hoopla.

1. Hoopla covers more than just videos, it includes feature titles, television programs, music albums, and audio-books as well.

2. Hoopla can be accessed from various browsers. In other words, mobile devices such as tablet, smartphones, laptops, and pcs are all applicable.

3. There is a one time only registration requirement at; simply enter your email address and select a password at Sign Up tab to complete the registration process.

4. From Library's main page,, select Collections & Resources tab, click on e-Media and then select  Hoopla, your device will prompt you to Hoopla's homepage. Click on Sign In tab since you already have an account with Hoopla.

5. Use Browse tab and choose either Movies, Music, Audiobook, or Television to select media type. Or you can click Search tab to look for any items.

6. One patron was confused about the ownership of Hoopla. He thought Los Angeles Public Library owns the digital property, and library would have owned at least one physical dvd copy of the same title on Hoopla. That is not the case. LAPL does have much more physical dvds than Hoopla; but some of Hoopla's titles are not in library's dvd collection at all.

7. Final note. When you have a Hoopla account, you can also access other library systems' Hoopla e-collection. For example, I have library cards from three different libraries, when I click the Hoopla app icon on my ipad, my ipad will ask me to select the library system first. Once I choose the library system, my ipad will link to the designated library's hoopla page.

If I am not confusing you enough, call me at 323-224-0039. Using e-devices and contents are a mutual learning experience.

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