Monday, June 11, 2012

Tony's Two Cents "Warped Tour"

         Hey guys its Tony back with another review! Sorry about     last week. I was busy with a lot of homework. Did you guys read the title!?? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                Warped Tour

          If anyone considers going I want you to watch out for four bands:  Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, iwrestledabearonce and Rise Against. How many people like punk, metalcore and/or alternative? Comment “y” being yes and “n” being no.
 These bands are really good and out of all of them I would say, based on performances, "Pierce the Veil" is the best band. They’re really cool and the song I really like from them is “Caraphernelia” off of the “Selfish Machines” album. I especially like the singer. He hits high notes not a lot of girls can reach. 

The other band is “iwrestledabearonce”  they’re great; their riffs are a little messy but the songs sound cool. Guess what!? This band has a girl SCREAMER, she sings too but when I first heard this band I was blown away because she’s really good! Check them out and when you do,  listen to “See You in Shell”.


The next band is “Rise Against”. You might’ve heard of them because they’re on KROQ a lot. They’re a really good punk band and I’m sure if you listen to them, your reaction would be “Haven’t I heard these songs before…. Oh yeah they were on KROQ”. Well the singer is really cool and his voice is so nice and oh… he has one blue eye and one green eye. SO COOL!!!!!!!!


The last band reminds me so much of the band, “Paramore”! They’re called “Sleeping with Sirens” is they’re really cool. They’re excited and they jump around in all their videos. The screams too, they’re really efficient and good! Check out the song “Do It Now, Remember It Later”. You  guys would really like that song. 

          Well guys thanks for reading this “Guide”. Again, I’m sorry about missing last week’s review. I know I have some dedicated readers so I won’t do it again. Sorry …. Bye
-Anthony Meza

 Anthony Meza is a regular patron at our library. He enjoys playing video games but making music is his main interest. He plays the drums for his school band. You can keep up with his short stories at

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