Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion Giveaway


     The Hunger Games movie is being released into theaters tomorrow and we want you to enjoy the movie even more with The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion. 
     All you have to do is answer the five questions you're about to read, email the correct answers to us at and we'll contact the winner.

1. What does Katniss' name mean? 
Katniss was named after a plant that eats in the story.

2. From which District is Rue? 
Rue is from District 11. It is an agriculture district

3. Who is Madge? 
Madge was Katniss' friend from school who gave her the Mocking Jay pin and the daughter of the Mayor.

4. Who are the Careers?
The Careers come from wealthier districts who volunteer for the games. They train for the games and usually team up in the arena to kill off the others.

5. How does District 11 thank Katniss while she's in the arena and why?
District 11 sends Katniss a loaf of bread thanking her because she decorated Rue with flowers and sang to her when she died.

Answers provided by our winner, @ElusiveMinds
   There you have it. Those are the questions. If you think you have the answers, email them to us at If we get more than one email we'll randomly select a winner and notify him/her as soon as possible. 

Thanks for playing.

Also, another free copy of this book will be given away to one lucky teen at our teen program today.

We'd like to thank everybody who played along and we'd like to congratulate @ElusiveMinds on winning our first ever online giveaway contest. We'd love to do this again soon. 

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