Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lalo Alcaraz walks into our library...

     Stop me if you've heard (read) this one before. A radio show host, a college professor and a Chicano cartoonist walk into a library. Hey, it happens. Okay, what do you do when they're all the same person and that person is none other than the creator of the first nationally-syndicated, politically-themed Latino daily comic strip, "La Cucaracha", co-host of KPFK Radio’s wildly popular satirical talk show, “The Pocho Hour of Power” airing Fridays at 4pm on 90.7FM and "Jefe in Chief" at, Lalo Alcaraz? Well that's easy. You let him make the funniest library closing announcement the patrons of your branch have ever heard.

   Lalo Alcaraz surprised patrons and staff alike when he walked into our Cypress Park Branch Library Saturday afternoon after a speaking engagement he had at nearby Occidental College. He toured the library, greeted the staff and patrons and even contributed to our "Strike A Reading Pose" blog post with the picture below.

Lalo Alcaraz reading a book he illustrated, "Latino USA: A Cartoon History", which is being currently updated for its historic 15th Anniversary paperback edition
    Library staff and patrons near the Circulation desk stood around watching and laughing as Lalo alerted the rest of the patrons to the library's approaching closing time. He informed patrons that they had 10 mins left in the library, asked them to bring their purchases up to the front and also let them know that carne asada would be served in the parking lot after we closed. He quickly bummed people out when he told them with the next sentence, "Just kidding. Carne asada will not be served."
     We'd like to thank Lalo Alcaraz for taking time out of his day to stop by our branch. It was a great surprise and we really appreciate it. Stop by anytime and remember, Lalo, This Is Your Library too.

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