Friday, March 30, 2012

"The Reptile Family" Is Coming

           Maybe you've heard of The Reptile Family. They've been inspiring the discovery and appreciation of the Earth's most misunderstood creatures through innovative, educational, entertaining and hands-on experiences in a safe and caring environment and they've been doing so since 1992. 

          The Reptile Family will be here Tuesday, April 3rd from 2-3pm and they are the only group who bring their animals in baskets and containers so it looks like the safari has arrived. The Reptile Family dresses in safari or outback attire and all their animals are clean and safe for touching and holding and they let everyone know that it's their choice to look, touch or hold.  

This "fun for the whole family" program is free and we hope you all join us.
If you have any questions please feel free to call the branch at 323-224-0039

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