Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tony's Two Cents

Hey, guys, it’s Tony back with another review. 

            Recently, I’ve had requests from a couple of my readers. @Xicano007 sent me a music request saying that he wants me to review a band named TOTO so I looked over the CD and let me tell you something... this band is like no other. This is not a bad thing! This music is older than what I usually listen to and I would’ve been more satisfied if the album was recently made but still there are old songs so i find that pretty cool. I looked over the CD and actually did a little research. This album, “The Essential Toto” was produced in 2003. I thought that was pretty cool because some of the album songs sounded like if they’re new. They brought back some songs from an older album too, I don’t know why but I think they just edited the songs. These songs were called “Africa” and “Rosanna”. I found out that Toto started in the 70’s and I don’t think it was a garage band. My opinion for this album is two thumbs up and my suggestion is to get the older albums!

Okay, the other request was from @MsMonicaLoves. She requested a band called The Mars Volta. My dad thought it was going to be like Emo Metal (genre of rock). I like that type of music so I decided to look over their songs. Hahaha he was wrong! That doesn’t make me disappointed but its okay he didn’t know. This type of music is kind of like funk metal. You can really hear some of the parts that are played on bass because it’s loud in concert. Yes, I looked over the concert ones to see the difference.  Just because they play a different genre than what I like but it’s cool because they were in warped tour. Warped tour is a concert that happens each summer with a lot of different bands. I looked over some regular songs and I have to hand it to them they’re pretty good, I liked them. If you want, you can check them out. I checked them out on YouTube but it doesn’t really matter where you look for their songs as long as you find them. If you like this band I prefer “Black Veil Brides”. They are both a like in so many ways.

Well guys I had fun checking these bands out. Make sure to check in with my next post and if you think you'd like to check these CDs out, hurry over to Cypress Park Library or check the online catalog at . Like Eazy E said, “Eazy Duz It”. Take care, guys. See you next week

Anthony Meza is a regular patron at our library. He enjoys playing video games but making music is his main interest. He plays the drums for his school band. You can keep up with his short stories at

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  1. Ha! I'm enjoying these reviews. Toto! I bet that made @Xicano007's day. Nice work.