Friday, May 11, 2012

Lalo Alcaraz returns to the Cypress Park Library


      Lalo Alcaraz, creator of the first nationally syndicated politically themed Latino comic strip, "La Cucaracha", returns to the Cypress Park Library and this time he's bringing "Latino USA" with him. The 15th anniversary edition of "Latino USA: A Cartoon History" to be exact. 

      He'll have plenty of copies of Latino USA that he'll be selling and signing for $18 each. He'll also be bringing plenty of awesome prints that he'll be selling/signing for $10. 

Please join us in welcoming him Thursday, June 28th, from 6-7:30pm. 

      Lalo's a VERY busy guy so we appreciate his visit and intend to pull out all the stops for this program. It'll be streaming live at so if you can't join us in person feel free to join in on all the fun there. We'll be taking questions during the program from online viewers as well as from our followers on Twitter 

     More Lalo Alcaraz Fun

Read about his previous visit to our branch that surprised both staff and patrons alike here and the interview we were lucky enough to score with him about the 15th anniversary reissue of Latino USA here.  

Lalo Alcaraz, the man we all came to see.
         Our Lalo Alcaraz: Latino USA program was a great success. Patrons came, they laughed and almost all of them went home with some Lalo Alcaraz artwork or a copy of his book. Word of Lalo's visit got to Councilmember Ed Reyes and Mr. Reyes, being a fan of Lalo's, wanted him to know his visit to Cypress Park was appreciated so before the program, his Deputy District Director, George Magallanes presented the certificate to him.

George Magallanes, Deputy District Director for LA Councilmember Ed P. Reyes, presents Lalo with a Certificate of Recognition.
Lalo Alcaraz chatted with patrons and signed many of his books and prints for them after the program.

Remember if you were unable to make it out for this event, you can watch the archived recording from our feed here.

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