Monday, July 16, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Poster Giveaway

Christopher Nolan's Batman saga comes to an end this weekend. To celebrate the final countdown for The Dark Knight Rises theatrical release, we here at The Cypress Park Library are planning to give away a poster a day all this week.

Awesome posters, right? So how can you win them?!?
Every day this week we will be Tweeting a secret Batman related word. What you have to do is be the first person to come into the library and tell the secret word to one of our librarians. That's it! Each day will be a different word; the first person to come say the word will walk out of here with an epic DKR poster. 

Saturday we will celebrating the release by choosing the first three fans who show us their DKR movie ticket stubs.

If you miss the secret word on Twitter, we will also be updating this blog post with each day's secret word, starting with Monday's:

Monday's secret word is Batarang. 
Tuesday's secret word is Baine.
Wednesday's secret word is Gotham.
Thursday's secret word is Alfred.
Friday's secret word is Wayne.

So come on in and win.

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