Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Tony's Two Cents" (July 3rd )

         Hey guys it’s Tony and I’m sorry for not doing a lot of reviews. I’ve had a lot of work in school but the good thing is I’m out. The other day I got a request from readers, “Xicano007” and “S.J. Rivera”. They suggested I do a review on “The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd.


            So I gave it a listen and I like it. The sound of the album is really unique. The songs are really nice because the music puts you in a different state of mind like a visual world.  The album’s mood is relaxing, calming and almost hypnotic. You don’t find that in most of today’s music. When you listen to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" you just want to sit back and relax. It put me at ease. If I had to compare this album to one by another band, my first thought would be “The Beatles” but this album had more of a rock effect to them . For example, the song “Us and Them” is similar to the song “Woman” by John Lennon because of the tempo and rhythm. I recommend getting the album but DO NOT download it. Come get it at Cypress Park Branch Library.
Well guys stay tuned for my next review on a band called WAR. 

Anthony Meza is a regular patron at our library. He enjoys playing video games but making music is his main interest. You can keep up with his short stories at

Hello readers,
                    My name is Brianna Marie. This is my first review and I’m super excited to share my opinion about this lovely album with you all. I will be focusing on Fiona Apple’s album, “Extraordinary Machines.” This album was made in 2005 and a review has been a request of, “Ms. Monica Loves”. To start off, I would like to acknowledge the hard work, passion, and heart Ms. Apple interprets into her music. There are many aspects such as personality, emotion, and various voice ranges that make this young artist unique. Moreover, I would like to emphasize how well she does in fitting her voice range in between intervals of the instruments.  For instance, a bass can be playing way down low, while her voice is high up in a whole different range. Yet, she manages to blend in.

           Much like Adele, many of the lyrics Ms. Apple writes are relatable to love/hate relationships. Some songs are about overcoming obstacles and keeping your head held high. Other songs may be about how you may sometimes feel that others get the best of you. Fiona’s lyrics are unique, thoughtful, and extraordinary. She uses many analogys that I think you will find amazing. The great thing about this album is that each song has a different tone and storyline. Some songs are slow paced, while others may be more upbeat and non-repetitive. I highly recommend you go check it out and experience the wonderful music of Ms.  Fiona Apple.

Brianna Marie is a 14 year old musician, writer and artist. You'll find her in our library just about as often as you'll find her onstage performing with her school band. 

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