Thursday, July 5, 2012

What is The Electric Car?

         Scott DuPont, who co-directed and co-produced this documentary will join us for a special screening here at the library. The film features several actors, scientists, engineers and activists, all of whom contribute their thoughts and explanations regarding electric cars and electric vehicle technology.

Cam (left), Ken and Scott, the men behind the film. 
         This entertaining film will trace the early history of EVs and continue forward 100 years later to follow the re-birth of an entire industry It also presents an inside view of an industry expected to grow to over $200 billion in revenues the next 15 years and features interviews with key manufacturers, vendors, drivers and pioneers in the EV industry, and many more

         This film is not just for EV enthusiasts or those passionate “Green” consumers, but will be an exciting journey for all audiences to go “Back to the Future!” 

  The screening will begin at 6pm on July 31st. Hope to see you. 

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