Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tony's Two Cents (July 10th)

            Hey guys, I hope you liked my last review with the guest post by my sister, Brianna Marie. Well this week I’m actually going to review… WAR and Tower of Power. I think you would remember these bands if you lived around the 70’s. You can also hear WAR’s song, "Low Rider" if you watch the George Lopez show. These portray a mood of up-beat funk! Their lyrics and musical style have influential to many artists and song writers.

            The band Tower of Power was formed in the summer of 1968 and was intended to be an American R&B-based horn section band. My personal favorite album of theirs is “What is Hip?”. Their songs show the understanding of true love or true thought of mind. They show these lyrics in the song “You’re Still a Young Man”. This song says you have a whole life to live so don’t waste it on one girl. The chorus says, “You’re Still a Young Man so don’t Waste your time.” This can be a lesson to young people on dating. This band is so great their lyrics are very powerful with truth. There’s a song called “There is Only So Much Oil in the Ground”. It shows the world is evolving  everyday and we need to take notice. and change our ways. I  suggest you listen to this album. It’s not available at many libraries but "Soul Vaccination" is and it's a live versioncd with many good songs. Once again the album this called “What Is Hip”.

            Okay, I’m pretty sure some of you guys have heard of the band WAR. This band portrays more of funk type of mood. I like this band because they can change the genre of each song like “Low Rider” = Latin Rock, “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”= Rock and “Slipping into darkness”= Funk. A lot of people know the song “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” but only know the “Why Can’t We Be Friends” part. If they would listen to the song more and listen to the lyrics you can hear a lesson it tries to show you. The song, “Why Can’t We Be Friends” shows a truce between two people in conflict and a resolution that should be solved. There’s a song called “The World Is a Ghetto” which shows the world changes each time you blink but it's still true today. It can relate to the Tower of Power song because it shows you need to use your potential to uplift your community. The funk shows that an average person can do whatever they want to. It puts a soulful thought into your mind to relax and live life.

Well guys, I hope you liked this review and make sure to stay tuned for the next one. Bye!

Anthony Meza is a regular patron at our library. He enjoys playing video games but making music is his main interest. You can keep up with his short stories at

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